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JOHN COSSAR's MUSIC is available on two recordings that can be ordered by sending us an email.

photo by Dan Rubin HEART ON FIRE is a seven-tune collection of original songs. The recording was funded by MusicNL and was produced at Spirit of the Islands Studio in Pouch Cove and Record Time in St. John's, Newfoundland. Signed, numbered copies of this collector's item originally released in December 2010 are still available.

Heart on Fire includes: King of the Kingdom of Dumb, Another Bridge to Burn, Run-Away Train, Heart on Fire, Trouble, Swept Away and Newfoundland Stars. Although some of these same tunes are also on the full CD, the versions released on the EP Heart on Fire are unique, sparsely recorded and are filled with the heart-opening honesty of John's original acoustic performances.

COPIES of Heart on Fire are $15 each, plus $5 shipping and handling per copy.

photo by Dan RubinANOTHER BRIDGE TO BURN is John Cossar’s second album, a full length CD with fourteen original tunes, supported by a grant from MusicNL.   The styles of music on the album range from country ballads to rockabilly and from reggae to Cajun.  A dozen musicians pitched in to help make this recording, including Chris Kirby on keyboards and guitar and his band members Craig Follett and Mark Marshall, guitarist Rick Lambe, flutist Rozalind MacPhail and multi-instrumentalist Dan Rubin, who played violin, viola, mandolin, bouzouki, guitar and bass on various tracks and also produced the recording.  Rick Hollett added saxophone and Hammond while Chris Davis and Andrew McCarthy backed up several tunes.   We were proud to have veteran local musician Rocky Wiseman contribute percussion and a wonderful crew of backup singers that included Danielle Cossar, Shannon Cymbally, Joanna Barker and Rozalind MacPhail.   The CD was released in September 2011.

Another Bridge to Burn includes: Another Bridge to Burn, Run-Away Train, Heart on Fire, King of the Kingdom of Dumb, Fait Accompli, Like a Drunkard on a Spree, Trouble, Swept Away, Newfoundland Stars, Every Dog Has His Day, Living in the Rhythm, Message, Wait Up for Me and The Secret.

COPIES of Another Bridge to Burn are $20 each, plus $5 shipping and handling for 1-3 copies.     

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